Kalidas Ghalib Academy By Justice Katju

We have to transform India into a modern highly industrialised country in which all our people enjoy a high standard of living and decent lives.
For this three organisations have been created (1) Ibaadatkhana (2) Indian Reunification Association (IRA) and (3) Kalidas Ghalib Academy
While the first two are active, the third, which was once active, but has been inactive for quite some time, needs to be reactivated.



Powerful divisive forces have started operating in our country trying to sow the seeds of discord among our people and creating hatred and enmity between various communities and groups.
In this scenario the time has now come for the patriotic intellectuals of our country to come forward to give guidance to the people, combat communalism and casteism, and to promote the rich composite culture of India and help the country on the path of progress.

It is with this aim and intention that the Kalidas-Ghalib Academy ( of which I am the patron, and Naushad Ali Syed is the Chairman ) has been created.

While all the three organisations mentioned above have the common goal of making India ( which includes Pakistan and Bangladesh, for we are really one nation only temporarily and artificially divided ) a prosperous modern country, the Kalidas Ghalib Academy operates in the fields of culture, art and literature.

In the great historical people’s struggle which lies ahead of us art and literature can play a significant role in inspiring people to heroic deeds and attacking backward feudal customs and ideas like casteism and communalism, as was done by great writers like Voltaire and Rousseau ( who attacked the feudal system and religious bigotry in France before the great French Revolution of 1789, Thomas Paine in the great American War of Independence ( see his pamphlet ‘Commonsense’ ), Maxim Gorki in Czarist Russia ( see his novel ‘Mother’ and his poem ‘Song of the Stormy Petrel’ ), Bismil’s poem ‘Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai’ and Faiz’ poem ‘Hum dekhenge’ etc

I discussed with Naushad and we agreed that we need a team of younger people to run the organisation ( I am 77 and Naushad is 75 ), while we oversee its activities from above.

My appeal is to people who have some connection with culture, art and literature, and who may be interested in being members of this team, to write to me on justicekatju@gmail.com or Naushad on naushadalisyed@gmail.com. Only those who can devote some time to this historical endeavour, and strongly believe in secularism and promotion of the Ganga-Jamuna tehzeeb ( composite culture of India ) need apply

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