The need for reviving and revamping Kalidas Ghalib Foundation By Justice Katju

I have created 3 organisations ( with the help of other likeminded secular persons ) viz (1) Indian Reunification Association (IRA ), (2) Ibaadatkhana, and (3) Kalidas Ghalib Foundation (KGF ), all of which I am the patron ( email ).
Behind creating these organisations was a single idea–I want my country India to emerge as a modern, highly industrialised giant, for only then can we get rid of the curse of massive poverty, unemployment, child malnutrition, lack of proper healthcare and good education for our masses, etc which has afflicted us for centuries.
We have 2 of the 3 requirements for building a massive industry in India and become a super power like USA or China viz (1) a huge pool of technical talent in the form of thousands of bright engineers and scientists ( Indian IT engineers are largely manning Silicon Valley in California, and there are many NRI Professors in Mathematics, Science and Engineering Departments in American Universities ), (2) immense natural resources. However, we lack the 3rd, viz unity among our people, and without such unity we can never attain our national goal..
All the abovementioned 3 organisations were therefore created to help forge such unity. While the first two have become strong and are progressing fast with numerous units and members worldwide, the third is lying dormant, but desparatedly needing to be revitalised and reactivated. Let me explain.

  1. IRA
    IRA aims at political unity of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, since we believe they are really one nation, which were separated by a British swindle in 1947 on the basis of the bogus 2 nation theory ( that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations ). We share a common culture, many of us speak the same language Hindustani ( culture largely revolves around language ), and we were one since Mughal times. Many of us were befooled by the Britishers and their local agents into thinking that Hindus and Muslims are inherently each other’s enemies, but how much longer must we remain befooled ? How much longer must we waste our scarce and precious resources in hostility with each other ? Is 76 years since 1947 not enough ? We must reunite under a secular government led by modern minded patriotic leaders determined to rapidly modernise and industrialise the country, and give our people decent lives.
    The Chairman of IRA is Indervansh Chadha who is based in Jalandhar, Punjab ( email ), Senior Vice Chairperson is Husnara Salim based in Kolkata ( email ), Vice Chairman is Dr Arshi Malik, based in Aligarh ( email arshimalik ) and National General Secretary is Irfan Pullani, a Keralite presently in Costa Rica ( email ). We have also state units in many states.
  2. Ibaadatkhana
    Ibaadatkha aims at social unity in India, by promoting communal amity, following the policy of suleh-e-kul of the great Mughal Emperor Akbar, who is the real Father of the Indian Nation.
    Ibaadatkhana is named after the building in Fatehpur Sikri bullt by the great Mughal Emperor Akbar where scholars of different religions would meet amicably, and point out the good points in their religion ( such a structure is unique in the world ).
    Unlike IRA, Ibaadatkhana does not talk of reunification of the 3 countries. This is to make it easier for Pakistanis and Bangladeshis to join our movement, without joining IRA
    Section 123A of Pakistan Penal Code makes it a criminal offence to speak against Partition, with a jail sentence of upto 10 years, and there is a similar provision in Bangladesh. So citizens of these countries would be scared of joining IRA ( though a Border Peace Forum has ben created to meet with this anxiety and fear ).
    Ibaadatkhana explains to the people of the Indian subcontinent the causes of our tremendous diversity–so many religions, castes, languages, ethnic groups etc.and points out that the correct policy for India is to give equal respect to all religions and communities.
    Ibaadatkhana has held many global webinars to promote its ideals, which can be seen on Youtube.
    The Chairman of Ibaadatkhana is Tasawar Jalali who is based in San Jose, California ( email ), Vice Chairman is Irfan Ali based in Princeton, New Jersey ( email ), and General Secretary is Narendra Singh based in California ( email )
  3. Kalidas Ghalib Foundation
    This organisation aims at promoting cultural unity, particularly in the fields of art and literature ( Including films and the media ).
    The organisation was very active once, but has been inactive for many years. It needs to be revived, made strong,and put on a stable basis,as has been done with IRA and Ibaadatkhana.
    This is because Indians have to wage a historical, protracted, arduous people’s struggle, calling for many sacrifices by patriots, before they can succeed in setting up a political and social order under which rhere is rapid industrialsaion and modernisation. Art and literature can inspire the people in their struggle, e.g. the booklets and articles of Voltaire and Rousseau, the great French thinkers, which inspired the great French Revolution of 1789, Thomas Paine’s booklet ‘Commonsense’ which inspired the patriots in the American War of Independernce, the song ‘La Marseillaise’ during the French Revolution, the works of Maxim Gorki ( e.g. his novel ‘Mother’ and his poem ‘Song of the Stormy Petrel’ ) which inspired the1917 Revolution in Russia, or Ram Prasad Bismil’s revolutionary poem ‘Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai’, or much of Urdu poetry, like the poetry of Faiz anf Josh.
    I disussed the matter about inactivity of KGF for a long time with some senior members of the organisation. I said there was ugent need to revive and reactivate it, as we have to combat the virus of religious and caste polarisation being spread all over the country by vested political interests.
    I said that most of the senior members are in their seventies ( me including ), and therefore are not being able to properly run the organisatuion as it should be. To my mind we must therefore have a team of younger people, who have more energy, to do the actual running of the organisation, while we elder and senior people will only give guidance from time to time, and keep an overall watch on the activities. My proposal has been accepted.
    I therefore appeal through this post to all secular, patriotic Indians below 50 years of age who wish to be members of this proposed team to run KGF, send an email to me or others whose email id is given in this post ( with copy to me ). The applicant must give details to show his interest in cultural activities. It is made clear that there will be no payment to a team member for his work, and the work is purely voluntary. It is also made clear not all who apply will be selected.

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