What should Indian Muslims do ?

By Justice Katju

Indian Muslims, who are about 213 million or 15% of India’s population of about 1400 million ( according to Pew Research Centre ) are today totally confused and perplexed about what they should do. After 2014 they have been politically totally sidelined in India, and atrocities and discrimination against some of them have increased.





Some feel that their problems will end once the BJP is ousted from power, which can be done by forming an anti-BJP alliance of Opposition secular parties and defeating the BJP in the forthcoming 2024 Indian parliamentary elections. I have expressed my view on this idea in my articles, in which I have pointed out that it is a superficial idea and will solve nothing.




I have explained in detail in the following article that the basic problems of Indian Muslims are the same as that of most Hindus viz massive poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, lack of proper healthcare and good education for the masses, skyrocketing prices of essential commodities, etc, and these problems cannot be solved within the present system of parliamentary democracy.


No doubt in addition to the above problems some Muslims have in recent years also been subjected to violence and insults, problems created by politicians for getting Hindu votes, but these have affected only a few hundred ( or a few thousand ) Muslims, and are only a drop in the ocean compared to the huge economic problems mentioned above which affect a vast majority of India’s 213 million Muslims ( see Sachar Committee Report ).


It is only a mighty, historical, united people’s struggle, lasting for 10-15 years or more, and in which tremendous sacrifices have to be made, which can solve these problems by creating a political and social order which will lead to rapid industrialisation and modernisation of India, which alone can abolish poverty, unemployment and other social evils. In other words, a social and political revolution is needed in India, and this will solve the basic problems of Muslims too.


Historical experience shows that every actual revolution is preceded by an ideological revolution, in which the weapons used are not swords, guns, or bombs but ideas. Thus, the great French Revolution of 1789 was preceded by decades of ideological struggle in France by great writers and thinkers like Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot and the French Encyclopedists who waged a relentless struggle against the feudal system and religious bigotry in France. The same happened in England in the 17th century ( in the struggle between King and Parliament ).

India is presently passing through a period of ideological revolution, that is, it is in the pre-revolutionary stage.

Who will give leadership to the Indian people in this period ? It cannot be our present political parties, for they are only interested in power and pelf, and not the people’s welfare

I submit that at present such leadership will be given by 3 organisations viz (1) Ibaadatkhana (2) Indian Reunification Association (IRA), and (3) Kalidas Ghalib Foundation (KGF). I have explained in detail about these organisations in the article below, and hence I am not repeating its content


I appeal to the patriotic secular Indians to join these organisations ( the email ids of its office bearers are given in the article ) and contribute to our country’s emancipation. In particular, I appeal to Indian Muslims ( and also Muslims of Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries ) to join them and work in them actively. That is the route you should follow presently.

Later, a genuinely patriotic secular political party with modern minded leaders will emerge, to whom these 3 organisations will then hand over the baton.

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