These will be the prices of LP gas in Chihuahua from February 27 to March 4


Chihuahua.- Through a statement, the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) announced the liquefied gas (LP) prices in the municipalities of the state of Chihuahua.

LP gas, also know as Petroleum liquid gas, is a type of fuel gas that is commonly used in homes; industries and vehicles. It is a household pillar and its price has an impact on the families’ economies.

It is worth mentioning that the cost ofl LP gas they are determined according to market conditions, depending on the supply and demand of the fuel.

The CRE is in charge of establishing the prices of the LP gas in Mexico considering the prices of sale, distribution and transportation in each state. For the week of February 27 to March 4 in the municipalities of Chihuahua the prices per kilo of gas and per liter will be the following:

Camargo $19.08
The Cross $19.08
San Francisco de Conchos $19.08
Aldama $19.31
Achilles Serdan $19.31
Chihuahua $19.31
Delights $19.31
Rose bushes $19.31
Saint Elizabeth $19.31
Saved $19.31
Bachiniva $19.03
Bocoyna $19.03
Carichi $19.03
Chinipas $19.03
Cuauhtemoc $19.03
Cusihuiriachi $19.03
Dr. Belisario Dominguez $19.03
Greater Morelos $19.03
Guazapares $19.03
Warrior $19.03
Maguarichi $19.03
Dies $19.03
Ocampo $19.03
Saint Francis of Borja $19.03
Urik $19.03
Uruachi $19.03
Batopilas by Manuel Gómez Morín $19.63
Guachochi $19.63
Guadalupe and Calvo $19.63
Morelos $19.63
9th $19.63
Allen $19.76
Ballet $19.76
Crowned $19.76
The Tule $19.76
Parral Hidalgo $19.76
Huejotitan $19.76
Matamoros $19.76
Rosary $19.76
Saint Francis of Gold $19.76
Santa Barbara $19.76
Zaragoza Valley $19.76
Jimenez $20.26
Lopez $20.26
Smoked $18.62
Bonaventure $18.62

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#prices #gas #Chihuahua #February #March

#prices #gas #Chihuahua #February #March
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