Germany is looking for more than 70 nurses: they pay for flights and salaries of up to 12 million


The German health service is looking for 76 professionals who are interested in applying their knowledge abroad and earning up to 12 million pesos per month. In addition, the trip to Germany will be paid for and they will have the opportunity to study the language of that country.

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The opportunity was announced by the Public Employment Agency SENA, who in agreement with the Federal Employment Agency of Germany, the Public Employment Service Unit of the Ministry of Labor and with the support of the Agency for Employment and Business Development of compensate, they managed to more than 70 nursing vacancies were opened for Colombian professionals.

There will be 67 vacancies for professional nurses and 9 for intensive care nurses.

Within the requirements to access the so-called ‘Team 3.1’ plan, applicants must meet the professional profile and have the Professional Card issued by the OCE and registered in the Single National Registry of Human Talent in Health (ReTHUS).
Besides, They must be willing to learn German to achieve the level of certification required by the contracting company in the European country.

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Among the benefits provided to professionals, the employment agency ensures that the contractor in Germany will cover the professional’s study and certification expenses until they achieve at least a B1 level in German. Likewise, work schedules will be adjusted so that the health professional can continue his studies when he is in Germany.

Once the employee masters the minimum level of German, the contracting company will facilitate the homologation process to accredit the nursing profession in that country.

New migrants will also be able to access additional remuneration for results and more than 30 days of annual vacationwithout counting the additional days for rotating shifts.

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In Germany they will also have memberships in mass transport systems, access to sports clubs from health companies and permanent training in portals and educational spaces of specialized clinics.

However, the SENA Employment Agency specified some expenses that are not included in the alliance with the German country. Colombians who meet 100% of the profile must bear the costs of the visa process and medical insurance that they must have the first 14 days of their stay in the European continent.

The call will be open until March 10 or until the employment agency receives the number of resumes required for each vacancy.


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