Pack of dogs played with human remains and a skull in Jalisco


Zapopan, Jalisco.- While they played with human remains and a skullseveral dogs in zapopanJalisco were observed by neighbors.

The neighbors of the Lomas del Refugio neighborhood they saw several dogs playing with remains and bones in a grassy area.

However, by paying more attention to the remains they played with, they found shapes for them. human.

They immediately called the municipal authorities to confirm what the remains of what they were playing with.

According to the local media night watchmunicipal police as well as the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF) arrived at the site.

The experts confirmed that it was a human skull with unknown cadaveric evolution time.

The uniformed officers cordoned off the area in search of further evidence, as well as in search of more remains.

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So far it is unknown who or who left the remains at the site.

The remains found were transferred to the facilities of Forensic Medical Services for their identification.

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#Pack #dogs #played #human #remains #skull #Jalisco

#Pack #dogs #played #human #remains #skull #Jalisco
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