Program will contribute BRL 50,000 in 10 innovation projects


Registration starts this Monday and runs until March 31, 2023; each selected will receive BRL 50,000

A CNI (National Confederation of Industry) and the Sebrae launched this Monday (27.feb.2023) a public call to qualify 10 environments that promote innovation. The initiative takes place under the Internationalization Program of both entities.

Each selected will receive R$ 50,000. Entries to compete are open until March 31 at program website.

According to a press release (full – 329 KB), the purpose of the action is “consolidating what is most disruptive in the country and promoting its inclusion in an international innovation management platform”.

To participate, those interested must be headquartered in Brazil and must meet startups and ICTs (Science and Technology Institutions), public or private, through mapping and registration. The complete rules can be found at initiative notice.

Spaces conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship are considered innovation environments. They are responsible for linking companies, government, institutions and other categories.

The work in these environments can take place in two spheres:

  • innovation ecosystems:
    • junction of infrastructure with institutional and cultural arrangements;
    • attract entrepreneurs and financial resources;
    • examples: smart cities, innovation districts and technology hubs.
  • business generation mechanisms:
    • promoters of innovative ventures;
    • support the development of new technology-based companies.

“Support for mapping Brazilian disruptive technologies will allow for the country’s international insertion and visibility. Showing the world Brazil as an innovative country is a priority both for CNI, as well as for Business Mobilization for Innovation”, said the Director of Innovation at CNI, Gianna Sagazio.

The current call is the 2nd under the CNI and Sebrae agreement. The partnership lasts for 3 years and stipulates the opening of 6 calls for companies.

The 1st call was launched on November 25, 2022 with a focus on qualifying and training startups through virtual programs. At the end of the stage, 7 startups will be selected to participate in a 10-day residency program in New York. Entitled “Land-to-Launch”, takes place from July to June 2023.

#Program #contribute #BRL #innovation #projects

#Program #contribute #BRL #innovation #projects
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