Justice Katju’s email to CJP Qazi Faez Isa

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To Qazi Faez Isa

Hon’ble the Chief Justice of Pakistan


Dear Brother

I saw yesterday on the internet the proceedings ( which were broadcast live ) before the full bench of the Pakistan Supreme Court over which you presided, and I must say I was very disappointed, particularly by the abrasive and aggressive way you behaved, not only to counsels, but even towards your companion judges. showing them scant respect.

But now I wish to speak to you on a more important matter.

I need scarcely remind you that you have taken an oath to uphold Pakistan’s Constitution, and the Constitution has a chapter on fundamental rights of the citizens, like the right to life and liberty.

So it is your solemn duty to protect the fundamental rights of the citizens, but these have been flagrantly violated on a large scale with impunity, particularly after the events of 9th May, when a reign of terror was unleashed in Pakistan.

Over 10,000 people ( including women ) have been arrested after 9th May on concocted charges, often dragged out from their houses which were broken into, brutally beaten and tortured, jailed for over 4 months in horrible conditions, and some just ‘disappeared ‘, with the judiciary turning a Nelson’s eye on these atrocities. 

The latest example of these horrors is the death of the 9 year old boy Ammar Farooqui,

By this email I call upon you to do two things immediately :

(1) Initiate suo motu proceedings at once to get promptly released these 10,000 persons incarcerated in jail, including former Prime Minister Imran Khan, other PTI leaders, workers and supporters.

(2) Initiate suo motu proceedings and order holding elections as per Article 224(2) of Pakistan’s Constitution within 90 days of dissolution of Parliament.

If you cannot do these two things you might as well pack up, resign, and go home.

I am sending you my article which I wrote about your predecessor former CJP Bandial

I hope I will not have to write a similar article about you


Justice Markandey Katju

Former Judge, Indian Supreme Court


Noida, UP


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