Justice Katju vs Arfa Khanum Sherwani: Unmasking Media Priorities in India

The godi media says ‘Hindu, Hindu, Hindu’, while Arfa Khanum Sherwani says ‘Muslim, Muslim, Muslim’, all the time. Thus they are two sides to the same coin, dividing and polarizing society, like the Hindu Mahasabha and Muslim League before Partition. 

Neither godi media nor Arfa talk much of massive poverty in India, record and rising unemployment, appalling level of child malnutrition, almost total lack of proper healthcare and good education for the masses, etc.

Arfa says that the voice of 20 crore Muslims in India has been suppressed. 

She does not add that the voice of 100 crore poor Hindus has also been suppressed, because poverty is destructive of all rights. 

Please see these videos of Arfa. Is there any mention of the massive socio-economic evils which plague 80% of our entire population of 1400 million people, not just Muslims, like poverty, hunger, unemployment, etc ? No, Arfa only highlights and focuses on the plight of Muslims, which is a half truth ( or rather a one sixth truth, because Muslims are only one sixth of the population of India ).

I too condemn atocities on Muslims. But I believe that there are people other than Muslims who also live in India. And the solution to the basic problems of all ou people is a mighty united people’s struggle led by modern minded leaders determined to give our people a high standard of living and decent lives.

I wonder who finances Arfa’s foreign trips ? She may say they are some foreign organisations. But what is the real aim of these foreign organisations ? Is it to keep India polarised so that India does not emerge as a modern Indian giant, like China, as explained in this video ?

When she goes abroad Arfa keeps ranting about atrocities on Muslims ( which no doubt is the truth ), but never about poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, etc which afflict all in India, not just Muslims ( which is a far greater truth ). 

Is she not behaving like Jinnah, who was a British agent responsible for Partition ? And are her financers not like the British who relentlessly pursued a divide and rule policy ?

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  1. The gigantic problems as mentioned by justice Katju, can only be mitigated or solved by if a visionary and statesmen leadership in the Indian subcontinent / South Asia would emerged from the grassroots. There is no scarcity of noble persons in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh but they all are doing drawing room politics. Modern politics of welfare requires the effective governance through democratic Institutional REFORMS which can be achieved only by connecting the poorest of the poor at grassroots level!!

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