Justice Katju: Criminal neglect by Kerala Govt

While Kerala has done extremely well in primary education and has practically wiped out illiteracy ( it is perhaps the best state in India in this regard ), education after class 10 has been criminally neglected.

This I found personally during my recent visit there. Bright students who had secured over 90% marks in their class 10 Board exams, could not get admission seats in class 11 to pursue engineering, computers, medicine, etc. so that they could become engineers, doctors, computer specialists, scientists, etc

The current government does not seem to bother that they are playing with the lives of the youth


I appeal to Keralites to start large scale public demonstrations and protests against this govt, particularly against the CM and Ministers, who should be socially boycotted, unless they rectify this terrible situation
Justice Katju
Former Judge, Supreme Court of India

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