Injustice Prevails: Sanjiv Bhatt Denied Basic Rights as Judiciary Fails to Deliver Justice Since 4+ Years

Sanjiv Bhatt was denied fundamental rights, and the judiciary failed to uphold the law, hence injustice prevails.


Shweta Sanjiv Bhatt,

Sanjiv Bhatt, a former police officer, has remained behind bars for an astounding 4 years, 8 months, and 8 days despite being exonerated of all charges. His fundamental legal and constitutional rights to self-defense have been gradually taken away in yet another shocking incident of egregious injustice. The Supreme Court and the High Court of Gujarat recently rejected important applications, illuminating the worrisome obstruction of justice and the terrible repercussions of speaking truth to power in “New India.”

Former police officer Sanjiv Bhatt behind bars, symbolizing the denial of justice and violation of human rights in India's judicial system.

In a surprising turn of events, Sanjiv Bhatt’s fundamental right to a fair and impartial trial has been denied by the Indian court, which was designed to promote justice and safeguard individuals’ rights. The rejection of an application that attempted to introduce vital evidence in court was a significant event marking the recent retirement of Supreme Court Justice M.R. Shah. This choice, together with the Gujarat High Court’s denial of a request to invite defence witnesses, offers a troubling picture of how justice is being undermined throughout the nation.

Sanjiv Bhatt’s fundamental constitutional, legal, and human rights are being flagrantly violated by the denial of his right to an effective defence. The institutions of justice, which are meant to protect the defenceless and maintain the rule of law, appear to have changed into tools used to protect those in positions of authority. Sanjiv Bhatt’s truth is an unquestionable challenge to the existing system, which is characterised by its authoritarian and fascist inclinations, which is further reinforced by the judiciary’s subversion in silencing him.

Fear and greed seem to be given precedence in Modi’s “New India” above the values of justice, truth, and dignity. Sanjiv Bhatt’s struggle serves as a sharp reminder of the risks taken by anyone who dare to question the current system. The authorities want to guarantee that justice is never done and that dissident opinions are suppressed by denying him a fair trial and suppressing his defence.

It is imperative to bring attention to the terrible situation in the face of such injustice. Truth and dignity must be the fuel for the ongoing fight for justice. The battle for justice goes on unabated in spite of attempts to undermine the system. To oppose the authoritarian system and reinstate the fundamental values of democracy, openness, and accountability, the quest of truth must be unabated.

Former police officer Sanjiv Bhatt behind bars, symbolizing the denial of justice and violation of human rights in India's judicial system.
**FILE** New Delhi: In this file photo dated October 01, 2011, shows suspended IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt being produced in the court, in Ahmadabad. According to the officials, Bhatt was arrested on Wednesday, Sept 05, 2018, by the Gujarat CID in connection with a 22-year-old case of alleged planting of drugs to arrest a man. (PTI Photo) (PTI9_5_2018_000267B) *** Local Caption ***


Sanjiv Bhatt’s extended detention for a crime he did not commit, along with the deprivation of his fundamental legal and constitutional rights, show a serious injustice. The perversion of the judiciary in favour of an authoritarian regime is exposed by the Supreme Court and Gujarat High Court’s rejection of important applications. The pursuit of justice must continue in the face of such obstacles, guided by truth and dignity. All who respect democracy and human rights in “New India” must continue to fight for the values of justice and to build a society that is really free and just.

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