Over a Million Addicts and 33,000 Daily Syringe Users: Kashmir’s Drug Addiction Crisis Has Reached Alarming Heights

Kashmir’s Drug Addiction

According to a recent research, Kashmir’s drug addiction issue has reached previously unheard-of heights, with over a million addicts. The Government Medical College in Srinagar, in conjunction with other departments, and with the assistance of the Social Welfare Department, detected this alarming trend, highlighting the urgent need for all-encompassing intervention. The region’s drug users are also using an astounding 33,000 syringes per day, which highlights the scope and severity of the problem.

The young and societal fabric of Kashmir, a place renowned for its magnificent landscapes and rich cultural legacy, are in grave danger due to a serious crisis. According to a research done in December 2022 by the Government Medical College in Srinagar, Kashmir already has more over one million drug users, a startling statistic.

The research, which had support from the Social Welfare Department financially and worked in conjunction with the Health Services Department, provides a bleak picture of the drug addiction problem in the area. The discovery that heroin abusers use almost 33,000 needles per day is one of the study’s major results.

Illustration depicting the impact of drug addiction crisis in Kashmir: Syringes, pills, and a broken chain symbolizing the urgent need for intervention and support.

The bulk of those impacted are young people between the ages of 17 and 33, pointing to a concerning trend among Kashmiri youth. Additionally, it was discovered that a single drug user spends an astounding Rs. 88,183 per month to support their addiction, underscoring the financial hardship that both addicts and their families experience.

The study’s list of illicit drugs includes cocaine, heroin, stimulants similar to amphetamines, and hallucinogens. Nicotine, prescription opioids, cannabis, benzodiazepines, alcohol, other prescription drugs, inhalants, and cocaine were the most frequently misused substances. Notably, 91.9% of the patients examined were found to misuse several drugs.

Recent studies have revealed a worrying change, with an increase in the proportion of female users and a fall in the average age of initial substance addiction. Unexpectedly, the age of beginning has decreased to as little as 9 to 10 years, highlighting the urgent need for early intervention and preventive efforts.

In the past, heroin consumption had been eclipsed by the use of opium. The number of heroin users has roughly tripled recently, however, as the trend has reversed. In fact, the number of people seeking treatment for abusing intravenous (IV) heroin has increased by an astounding 340%. These numbers show that opiate usage in India, especially in Kashmir, is three times greater than the worldwide norm.

The seriousness of the problem necessitates prompt action from all parties involved, including the federal government, medical experts, and the general public. To tackle this escalating situation and assist those impacted, effective measures must be put in place. Steps to combating this epidemic include thorough addiction treatment and recovery programmes, enhanced awareness campaigns, and stronger law enforcement.

Conclusion :

Over a million addicts and 33,000 syringes are used everyday in Kashmir, where the drug addiction issue has reached frightening proportions. The destructive effects on Kashmiri young, rising female usage, and lowering age at first use highlight the need of taking action.

To effectively address this epidemic and offer people impacted with treatment, prevention, and support services, all facets of society must work together. Only by working together can Kashmir overcome its dreadful circumstances and provide a better future for its young people.

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FAQ’S related to this article :

What is the extent of the drug addiction crisis in Kashmir?

The drug addiction crisis in Kashmir has reached alarming levels, with over a million individuals being affected by substance abuse.

What are the most commonly abused substances in Kashmir?

The substances commonly abused in Kashmir include nicotine, medicinal opioids, cannabis, benzodiazepines, alcohol, and cocaine, among others.

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