In Switzerland called the condition for the re-export of weapons to Ukraine


Foreign Minister Cassis: government will allow re-exports if Parliament amends the law

Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis said that if the parliament changes the law on the export of military equipment, the country’s government should allow the re-export of weapons to Ukraine. His words lead RIA News.

Now the Swiss parliament is studying the possibility of amending the relevant law, and if it is changed, it will become a legal basis “which will force the government to act,” the diplomat called a necessary condition for re-export.

At the end of January, the commission of the National Council supported the initiative allowing the re-export of weapons produced in Switzerland to Ukraine. Subsequently, however, the Security Commission of the Council of Cantons opposed the corresponding initiative.

Switzerland rejected requests from European countries to re-export ammunition to Ukraine, citing the principle of military neutrality, according to which a country can refuse to export military equipment if the state for which it is intended is involved in an international conflict.

Swiss President Alan Berset admitted that the country could lose confidence as a neutral due to the re-export of weapons to Kyiv. He stressed that the state must be committed to its fundamental principles.

#Switzerland #called #condition #reexport #weapons #Ukraine

#Switzerland #called #condition #reexport #weapons #Ukraine
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