JK Grameen Bank Two Wheeler Loan Check Eligibility


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For purchase of new Two-Wheelers i.e. Scooters, Motor Cycles, Scooties, Battery-Operated Scooters, etc. of any make and model.


1. Employees of Government / Semi-Government Undertakings, Autonomous bodies, Public Sector Undertakings, Private Companies or Reputed Establishments, Professionals or self-employed individuals/ Businessmen, etc.
2. Pensioners, drawing their monthly pension from our Bank or other Banks whose spouse is alive and is eligible for family pension. The spouse shall stand as guarantor.
3. Minimum age of applicant: 18 years.
4. Students, aged 18 years & above, with Father or Mother or Spouse as co-borrower.
5. Maximum age of applicant at loan maturity: Age of Retirement for salaried individuals & 65 years for others.
6. Minimum employment: The applicant must have been in current employment for a period not less than 1 year or must have a business standing of at least 2 years.
7. The borrower should have a valid driving license.
8. Minimum Net Annual Income of Rs.1.00 lac.

Amount of Loan:

1. 12 times net monthly salary/ income or 75% of the ex-showroom price of two wheeler or Rs. 1.00 lac ((Rs.2.00 lac for motorcycles only), whichever is less.
2. In case of girl students/ working ladies, the maximum finance shall be available up to 85% of the ex-showroom price of scooties within the above prescribed limits.
3. In case the requirement is more than the maximum finance amount, the borrower must bring that amount as additional margin.
4. The net monthly home take income/ salary of the borrowers after including the installment amount on this loan should not be less than 40% of the gross monthly income/ salary.
5. In case of students who are either still studying/ don’t have regular or documented source of income, the finance shall be provided in their name with parent/ Guardian/ Spouse as co-borrower and the 40% net home take salary principle shall apply to co-borrowers.



1. 25% of invoice value
2. 15% of invoice value (for girl students/ working ladies for purchase of scooties only).


1. Primary: Hypothecation of two-wheeler to be purchased.
2. Collateral: Third party guarantee of one person of sound net means/ income to withstand the liability.


Maximum of 60 months. However, a borrower can opt for any tenure within the maximum ceiling.

Processing charges:

0.50% of the loan amount.

(NIL for girl students/ working ladies for purchase of scooties only).

* Conditions Apply

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