All caste based reservations for govt jobs or admissions in educational institutions should be abolished By Justice Katju

Recently the US Supreme Court has struck down reservations for blacks and other races in USA as they violate the equality provision in the US Constitution.


I submit that the time has come when the Indian Supreme Court, too, must declare all caste based reservations in India as unconstitutional, being violative of the right to equality.

While ostensibly for uplifting the historically suppressed backward castes, the truth is that reservations have become just a political tool for getting votes, and in fact such reservations greatly harm the SCs and OBCs.

This is because there are so few govt jobs that hardly 0.01% SCs and OBCs can get jobs through reservations ( these too usually go to the ‘creamy layer’ ), but an impression is falsely created that all SCs and OBCs will be benefited thereby. This is a motivation to SCs and OBCs to not work hard, because they think a job is guaranteed to them even if they score poor marks.

How long will SCs and OBCs walk on the crutches ( baisakhi ) of reservations ? They should throw away these crutches, and say that we dont need reservations. We will work hard, compete on merit, and show that we are not intellectually inferior to the upper castes.

However, while caste based reservations should be abolished, special facilities should be given to poor boys and girls of all castes ( even upper castes ) and communities, so as to provide them with a level playing field.

For example, many poor boys and girls may not be able to buy the school text books ( which boys and girls of rich families may be able to afford ). Hence the govt should give these to such poor students free of cost Other facilities should also be given to poor students, to ensure for them a level playing field with rich students.

But there should be no caste or communal reservations, which have only become a vote catching device.

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  1. As long as ruling govt is by election voting, politicians indulge in vote bank politics and caste based politics.

  2. Indeed I agree on the points you made but give me the guarantee that ya’ll provide a fair play to all. Free the public education and healthcare then you can take my vote. Eradicate the concept of “rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer. But alas! These points won’t ever gonna happen in India in practicality..

  3. I cent percent agree with him. Caste based reservation system has became bane for India. But who has guts to touch this beehive, All political parties are playing games around this caste system now this seems to be so sensitive issue that nobody dares to at least speak on this. I appreciate Mr. Markanday ji for his bold views. I’ve a perfect solution for this that too without hurting anyone’s sentiments but that can’t be discussed on this open platform.

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