Xbox: Acquisition of Activision Blizzard is not fundamental, says Phil Spencer


Phil Spencer stated that theacquisition of Activision Blizzard is not a “pivot” to the future of Xboxesalbeit of great importance, and that Microsoft’s gaming division will continue to exist regardless of the outcome of this $69 billion maneuver.

Responding to a question from the Times, which asked what would happen to Xbox if such a strategically important acquisition were blocked by the CMA, the European Commission and the FTC, Spencer said that the gaming division does not depend on it and will continue to thrive regardless.

“This is an important acquisition for us. It’s not some sort of pivot in the long run – Xbox will continue to exist even if the deal doesn’t go through,” Spencer said.

Phil Spencer

In the same interview Spencer stated that more competition in the console market would guarantee gamers more choiceand therefore the advantages.

“The competition is us getting stronger,” he added. “In my view, in a scenario where we, Sony and Nintendo do well in the console market – all with their own strengths, uniqueness, content and capabilities – it gives gamers more choice.

“I hate to see consoles go in the direction of the mobile market where there are only two manufacturers. And right now we have three very good competitors.”

Finally, Spencer said that he feels sympathy for the regulators who have the difficult task of having to evaluate the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, as it is a question of analyzing a complicated market, between console and cloud, unknown to many of them.

“Most of the time in my Xbox career when I’ve met with government regulators, there’s been a real lack of knowledge about the video game industry,” Spencer said. “I appreciated being able to spend time with them and in some cases helping to educate on these topics. I think for many regulators this is their first time in this area.”

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#Xbox #Acquisition #Activision #Blizzard #fundamental #Phil #Spencer
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