Why teaching of mathematics is still a big challenge in schools,writes Khurshid Bhat


Srinagar: Mathematics has always been a critical subject in our education system and it is an essential component of student learning.Mathematics is an integral part of our daily lives and it is pertinent to problem-solving, quantitative reasoning, and decision-making. However,teaching mathematics remains a big challenge in schools today and there are various reasons behind it.

One of the primary reasons that make teaching mathematics a big challenge in schools is the lack of competent and effective teachers. Although there are many teachers trained to be math instructors,not all of them possess the skills and expertise to deliver effective math lessons.Some teachers themselves find mathematics very challenging and feel uncomfortable teaching math concepts and problems to their students.

Another significant challenge is inadequate instructional materials and resources.There are often not enough textbooks,worked examples and practice materials for mathematics in most schools to help students understand the concepts. The lack of practical materials for students to work with means that they cannot develop their problem-solving and analytical skills fully.

Moreover,the difficulty level of mathematics is another obstacle in teaching mathematics. Mathematics is a subject that requires critical thinking,logical reasoning and continuous practice to understand better. Unfortunately,some students struggle with grasping the basic concepts and applying them to solve problems. This issue is compounded by the fact that in the traditional approach,the subject was taught as a series of rules and procedures, with little emphasis placed on visual representations and real-world applications.

Furthermore,the teaching of mathematics is also influenced by student’s attitudes and cultural background.Some students may have a preconceived idea that mathematics is a difficult subject and that they are not capable of learning it. This kind of negative attitude can result in a lack of interest in the subject,leading to disengagement from class and poor performance.

In conclusion,the teaching of mathematics remains a big challenge in schools,even in today’s era of advanced technology and pedagogy.The factors that contribute to this problem include the lack of qualified teachers, inadequate teaching resources,the difficulty level of mathematical concepts and the students attitude towards the subject.To overcome these challenges,a collaborative effort must be implemented among teachers,students and policymakers to develop effective teaching methodologies and provide the necessary resources to make mathematics education accessible and enjoyable for everyone.By doing so, we can inspire a love for mathematics and equip young minds for a better future.

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