Where is Oscar Gayoso? Comedian Miguel Moreno reveals clues to his whereabouts


The comedian Miguel Moreno gave some signs of how the comedian would currently be Oscar Gayosowho is remembered for his imitation of Jaime Bayly.

Many have wondered what happened to Oscar Gayoso, the Peruvian comedian who gained huge popularity for his excellent impersonation of Jaime Bayly. His name sounded again, a few weeks ago, when Fernando Armas remembered him and the media returned to inquire about the whereabouts of the comedian. After that, his colleague Miguel Moreno was encouraged to give clues about the famous imitator. In an interview for the channel Youtube from Moloko Podcast, the comedian was consulted about Gayoso and cleared up some doubts among all his fans.

Where is Óscar Gayoso, according to Miguel Moreno?

In the program, one of the hosts asked Miguel Moreno when was the last time he saw Óscar Gayoso and what he knows about him. The comedian looked at his representative to remember where he met the impersonator.

“My producer is there (looking up) and says she has seen him in San Miguel,” he said, hinting that Gayoso is fine.

“He is fine (Óscar Gayoso) because my uncle Fernando (Armas) told me that they had told him that he was fine,” he added.

What disease was Óscar Gayoso diagnosed with?

In 2014, Óscar Gayoso revealed on national television that, despite the healthy life he led, he was suffering from lymph node cancer and explained how this disease completely changed him. After that, a close friend of the comedian revealed that, as a result of the disease, Gayoso lost 15 kilos.

#Oscar #Gayoso #Comedian #Miguel #Moreno #reveals #clues #whereabouts

#Oscar #Gayoso #Comedian #Miguel #Moreno #reveals #clues #whereabouts
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