What kind of army is this ?

By Justice Katju

At a recent meeting of the Pakistan Corps Commanders Conference held at the army headquarters in Rawalpindi, chaired by the army chief Gen Munir, the generals decided to support the government’s revival plan for the Pakistan economy.

What kind of army is this ?


Among the things discussed were the army’s role in uplifting agriculture, information technology, mines and minerals and defence production sectors under the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC).

Now a question immediately arises : what has the army got to do with the economy ? That is surely the job of the civilian government. An army’s job is to protect the country’s border, and help in dealing with internal disturbance if called upon to do so by the civilian authorities.

The Pakistan army is unique in the world in this respect. It meddles with everything in Pakistan, which no army in the world has any business to do, e.g. the economy ( which it has looted ), the judiciary (whose orders are not obeyed at its instance ), the police ( whom it has ordered arresting of thousands of Pakistanis and all kinds of atrocities on them ), etc.

It has been hounding former Prime Minister Imran Khan because he dared to criticise former army chief Gen Bajwa and the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR ) Director General Maj Gen Ahmed Sharif Chaudhry, although that is a right of citizens in every democratic country, since the army is not a holy cow which cannot be criticised. Senior PTI leaders are mostly under arrest or are underground, and the army’s effort is to debar PTI and Imran Khan from contesting the forthcoming elections, although the vast majority ( may be 90% ) of Pakistanis support Imran Khan.


Is this an army or a bunch of American mafia type gangsters ?

I have given details of their loot


Evidently the Pakistani generals have learnt nothing from history


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