‘Vishwa Bandhutva Party’ floats as new political party in J&K


Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed many new political parties since the abrogation of Article 370, whether it is the Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party, the Aam Aadmi Party, or the Democratic Azad Party. Many of these parties were in the news for prominent faces and some for controversies. However, there are various other political parties that didn’t grab the headlines but are established and working in Jammu and Kashmir. Similarly, on November 6, 2022, the Vishwa Bandhutva Party (the Global Brotherhood Party in English) launched its J&K unit. This political outfit was registered just a year ago, according to the Election Commission of India.

VDP’s JK-UT president, Virender Kumar Sharma, explained the parties’ agendas to The Chenab Times in a video interview. Vishwa Bandhutva Party, or Global Brotherhood Party, has launched its party unit for the UT of J&K with an agenda for J&K that was written on the letter pad of the UT president, a copy of which lies with The Chenab Times. There were nine points on the agenda, including:

  1. The party is mainly working for the betterment of labour class. The enhanced wages of Labour, better working Place, Special Pension Scheme, Health insurance, Security of their Children education academic as well as professional, Minimum ex gratia Relief of Rs.15,00,000/- if a Labourer happens to die while working and suitable monthly honorarium to the living kith & Kins of deceased Labourer. Better housing & sanitary help from both centre & UT levels.
  2. The party shall fight from Road to Law of Court to protect the dwelling places (houses) of families fatling under BPL, EWS, ST, OBC, SC etc. Who have built their homes on state land with measurement of land below 05 Marlas.The party has personal lawyers who shall plead the cases of above mentioned categories from party funds and if the party comes into power in the (UT) shall regularize is such colonies/homes as one time human sustainable existence settlement.
  3. The youth of this (UT) are repeatedly being crushed and harassed by present Government by adapting repeated cancellation of selection lists. Our party shall fight against this approach of central Govt. and LG Administration to make laws to avoid future any spoilage of youths career. Our party shall approach: Supreme Court” of India with a PIL to seek relief to the youth in future selection process.
  4. In villages of this (UT) 60% of youth are jobless today. Our party if comes into Power shall install community Industrial units at Panchyat level as per the availability of raw materials in that Panchyat to provide employment to those 60% youth to save them from indulging into drugs & criminal activities.
  5. If our party comes into Power a survey of “Actual Poor dwellers” of rural Jammu & Kashmir UT be conducted & the families falling under this category be adapted by our Govt. and all their needs of livelihood be managed under the Scheme named “Mera Aahar Mera Adhikaar” in addition to it, a job to youth (one job atleast) be given to educated youth of poor families as per their qualification under another youth saving Scheme “Mera Rozgaar Mera Adhikaar”.
  6. Jammu and Kashmir (UT) is a Power house of India as it has intensive hydro electricity Potential. Our party shall support local firms/companies of this UT to undertake the construction work of the hydro electric Power Projects by framing laws under which tendering shall not be permitted to Companies/Firms living outside the (UT).The youth of this UT would be trained to operate all types of machinery and shall be provided employment at large scale.The Re-habilitation plans for people who are likely to be affected would be provided with a suitable home, best health facility transportation highest rate of Land/structure compensation, food security and pension as deemed suitable.
  7. Our party shall not participate in those mass media programmes where religious debates take place. The party has termed a voter as human soul and shall use word “Human/Insaan” only instead of Caste of and Individual/voter.
  8. Our party if come into Power shall sign MOU’S with foreign countries to provide Global Employment to our youth. The party shall take all responsibility of the youth going outside the country for Jobs i.e. Passport,Visa, Insurance, safety and special intention would be given to J&K (UT) youth as a measure of healing programme.
  9. It is need for rehabilitation of Jammu and Kashmir (UT) in real sense as last thirty years have killed thousand the soul of this state. All the human have passed through a unrepaired and unforgettable era. The UT needs to get into its original form i.e. statehood,repair of brotherhood trust measures Employment to youth, Revival of trade, setting up modern Industries and rehabilitation of all dislodged humans from their sweet homes.

These nine agendas were explained in the letter by the Vishwa Bandhutva Party’s JK UT president Virender Kumar Sharma.

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