Viral Video: Kashmiri Girl’s Heartfelt Request To PM For Better School


SRINAGAR: Seerat Naaz, a student from Lohai-Malhar village in Jammu & Kashmir, has expressed her disappointment with the condition of her school and made a heartfelt request to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for help in building a better school. Her request has touched the hearts of netizens, who have shared the video widely in the hope that it will reach the Prime Minister.

In the video, Seerat introduces herself as a student of a local government school and gives a tour of the school premises, highlighting the areas that need improvement.

She expresses her desire for a clean and safe school environment, saying, “Please Modi-ji, build a nice school for us.”

To watch the video, click here

The video, originally shared by a Facebook page called ‘Marmik News’ from Jammu and Kashmir, has garnered nearly 2 million views and over 116,000 likes. Seerat’s request has resonated with many, and people are hopeful that the government will take action to provide the students with a cleaner and safer school.

We hope that Seerat’s request is heard by the government officials, and steps are taken to provide the students with a better learning environment.


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