Video: Police crack down on tinted car windows in Hyderabad


Hyderabad: Hyderabad city police on Saturday launched a special drive against tinted car windows. Traffic police teams were seen checking vehicles on busy roads in the city.

As per the motors vehicle act, adding tinted film on car windows is not allowed and attracts fines.

It is not the first time, earlier too police launched such drives against the tinted car windows in Hyderabad.

Ahead of summer season in Hyderabad, people prefer tinted car windows

Ahead of the summer season in Hyderabad, many people prefer tinted car windows despite the fact that it violates Central Motor Vehicle Rule.

Keeping this in view, Hyderabad police started launching drives against such violations.

As per Central Motor Vehicle Rule 100, it is the responsibility of the car owners to ensure that the visual transmission of light is not less than 70 percent for the windscreen and the rear window.

In the case of side windows, the visual transmission of light must not be less than 50 percent.

Hyderabad police crack down on drunk driving

Apart from the tinted car window, police is conducting regular drives against drunk driving. Last month, the city police booked 4236 cases against violators.

During the campaign against drunk driving in Hyderabad, 72 violators even lost their driving licenses. Minors who were caught driving vehicles were ordered to render community and social services.

Drunk driving is a serious violation in Hyderabad, as well as across India, and the Hyderabad traffic police are taking a tough stance on irresponsible behavior.

Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, drunk driving is a criminal offense and violators can face severe legal penalties.

There are provisions of imprisonments, fines, and suspension of driving licenses.

In the case of repeat offenders who get caught more than once for drunk driving in Hyderabad and in other parts of the country, penalties can be more severe.

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