UAE announces Eid Al-Fitr holidays for public sector employees


Abu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Thursday announced the Eid Al-Fitr holidays for public sector employees.

Public sector employees will get holidays from Ramzan 29, Thursday, April 20 to Shawwal 3, Sunday, April 23, 2023. They will have to resume work on April 24. These four days will be paid holidays.

This came in a circular issued by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources on Thursday.

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What is Eid Al-Fitr?

At the end of the holy month of Ramzan, Eid Al-Fitr is a holiday that marks the end of a full month of fasting. Practiced vary around the world, but it usually includes morning prayers, public holidays, visits with family and friends, new clothes and henna, gift-giving, and charitable contributions.

When is Eid Al-Fitr and how is it determined?

The end of the Ramzan is confirmed in the same way as the beginning, by the moon sighting committee, which is responsible for observing the crescent of the new moon.

The duration of the Ramzan is determined by the Islamic calendar, which consists of 12 lunar months with a total of 354 or 355 days.

This means that each month can last either 29 or 30 days.

According to astrologers, this year in the UAE, Ramzan will be 30 days long.

This gives the most likely start of Eid Al-Fitr on Friday, April 21.

However, the official decision will be announced on the 29th day of the holy month of Ramzan, on Wednesday, April 19.

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