UAE: 28-year-old Bhutanese barista wins Rs 2 cr in Mahzooz Draw


Abu Dhabi: A 28-year-old United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based Bhutanese barista won the guaranteed raffle prize of one million Dirhams (Rs 2,22,62,648) in the latest Mahzooz draw.

The winner of the draw Tandin Wangchuk– matched five out of the six winning numbers during the weekly Mahzooz draw held on Saturday, April 22.

Tandin, who works at a coffee shop in Al Ain, is also the first expat from Bhutan to win such a prize with Mahzooz. He has been living in the UAE for the past five years.

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“I will be using some of my prize money for the wedding expenses. I may also make a few investments back home in Bhutan and help a few of my friends who have been supporting me during my time here in the UAE,” Tandin told The National News.

How to participate in Mahzooz draw?

To participate in the draw, people have to buy a bottle of water for 35 Dirhams (Rs 779) and receive a ticket with it.

People can participate by registering at Mahzooz’s official website.

Those who match six numbers will share a cash prize of not less than Dirhams 50 million (Rs 1,11,40,53,028). Winners who match five numbers will be able to claim a stake of Dirhams one million (Rs 2,22,81,060), which may increase depending on the number of players present.

People who match four numbers will get a cash prize of Dirhams 1000 (Rs 22,280) and players who match three numbers will get Dirhams 35 (Rs 779) or play free.

Participants have to match seven numbers to win the grand prize of Dirhams 100 million (Rs 2,22,80,51,824), the biggest prize on offer in the UAE. No one has won the first prize yet.

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