Twitter will label ‘hateful’ tweets, make them less discoverable


New Delhi; Twitter has announced to add publicly visible labels to tweets identified as potentially violating its policies, letting the users know the company has limited their visibility.

The company occasionally restricts tweets that violate its policies by making them harder to find or visible to fewer people.

The new labels will make those actions more clear, said the Elon Musk-run company.

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“Restricting the reach of Tweets, also known as visibility filtering, is one of our existing enforcement actions that allows us to move beyond the binary aleave up versus take down’ approach to content moderation,” Twitter said in a blog post late on Monday.

“However, like other social platforms, we have not historically been transparent when we’ve taken this action,” it added.

The labels are only implemented at “tweet level” and won’t affect a user’s account.

Tweets with new labels will be made less discoverable on the platform.

“Additionally, we will not place ads adjacent to content that we label,” said the company.

While these labels will initially only apply to a set of Tweets that potentially violate our Hateful Conduct policy, the company plans to expand these to other applicable policy areas in the coming months.

“Our mission at Twitter 2.0 is to promote and protect the public conversation. We believe Twitter users have the right to express their opinions and ideas without fear of censorship,” said the micro-blogging platform.

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