Turkey earthquake: Rescued cat ‘Rubble’ refuses to leave man who saved it


The earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria has already claimed over 46,000 lives, with the toll rising by the day. 

The earthquakes damaged nearly 2,64,000 apartments in Turkey, making it difficult for rescuers to find people trapped beneath the rubble. They have, however, fought against all odds to save lives.

Several videos have emerged from the earthquake-ravaged country showing incredible human and animal rescues. A member of the Mardin Fire Department rescued a cat a few days ago, and it now refuses to leave his side.

Anton Gerashchenko, the advisor to Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs, shared the news on social media.

On February 16, he took to Twitter and shared a video of the cat with its rescuer. The video shows the cat, named ‘Rubble,’ perched on the rescuer’s shoulder and cuddling up against his face.

He shared another update about the cat on Saturday, saying that the cat had been adopted by the rescuer himself.

“I posted yesterday about a cat saved from the rubble in Turkey who refused to leave his rescuer’s side. The rescuer’s name is Ali Cakas and he adopted the cat, naming him Enkaz – “rubble” in Turkish. May they have a happy life together!” Gerashchenkosaid in the caption.

The replies to the post were filled with comments of positivity and jubilation over the development.

The post has amassed about 5.8 M views and 17.6K retweets.


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