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In Croatia, snowfall and storms cut off the coastal areas from the interior. Hundreds of drivers were stuck. A person died.

Zagreb – In Croatia, the onset of winter on Sunday (February 26) caused traffic chaos. Persistent snowfalls cut off the coastal region of Dalmatia from the interior. Drivers were sometimes stuck overnight. A human died.

Croatia: Snow and gusts of wind move across coastal regions – one dead after a bus accident

After unusually warm weather, winter has arrived in Croatia, the Croatian news channel reports N1. Up to 70 centimeters of fresh snow fell in some places. The mountainous regions of Lika and Gorski Kotar were particularly affected. Storm gusts with speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour also caused snow drifts.

In Croatia, the access roads to the coastal areas had to be closed due to the snowfall. © Uncredited/dpa

The A1 motorway and thus the connection to Dalmatia was completely blocked in both directions. According to reports, around 25 drivers ignored the closure and got stuck on the A1 at the Sveti Rok tunnel. Rescue teams went out again and again to free stuck motorists. An Albanian bus overturned in the snow chaos. Several people were injured and one of the passengers died.

Snow chaos in Croatia: Hundreds of travelers are stuck on the highways

Hundreds of travelers also got stuck on the route between the capital Zagreb and the Dalmatian coast. They persevered at hopelessly overcrowded motorway service stations and spent the night of Monday in their vehicles, according to the reports. Some cities also set up emergency shelters where around 500 travelers could safely spend the night. However, many of the motorists were stuck on the freeway and could only have reached the shelters on foot, reports say N1.

The ferries could no longer operate between the mainland and the islands due to the bad weather.

Snow in Croatia: the weather service continues to warn of dangerous weather

It didn’t look like there was any relaxation on Monday either. The roadblocks remained on Monday morning, the news portal reported The A1 was reopened to the south in the afternoon. The A1 motorway between the Sveti Rok and Posedarje junctions in the direction of Dubrovnik is only open to passenger cars, they say. If you want to go to Zagreb, you have to be patient. The road is closed to all traffic.

Furthermore, see the weather map for Croatia according to the Croatian weather service DHMZ yellow to red off – potentially dangerous to very dangerous weather is announced. This also includes the holiday region of Split. Not only Croatia experiences wintry weather. Even in Mallorca it snows. And in Germany, too, the winter roll is coming in some areas – up to 50 centimeters of fresh snow in some areas. (chd/dpa)

#Travelers #stuck #freeway #overnight

#Travelers #stuck #freeway #overnight
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