Telegram launches Power Saving Mode, more


San Francisco: Telegram Messenger has launched major upgrades to its application with features like Power Saving Mode, Auto-Send Invite Links, Read Time in Small Groups, and more.

Now, users can use the Power Saving Mode feature to preserve their device’s battery life.

When the battery reaches a certain percentage, the mode turns off resource-intensive features such as auto-playing videos and GIFs, sticker animations, and background updates.

“You can toggle Power Saving mode or tweak individual settings for autoplay, animations, and effects in Settings > Power Saving,” Telegram said in a blogpost.

Moreover, the company said that it had tested more than 200 Android phones and created “optimised default settings” for users.

Other than battery-saving mode, Telegram has also introduced the Auto-Send Invite Links feature, letting users control who is allowed to add them to groups.

“If you’re inviting someone who restricts this, you can now quickly send them an invite link as a message,” the company said.

Telegram has also rolled out a Read Time in Small Groups feature, which will now show the time when users’ messages were read by each person in groups under 100 members.

Along with this, the company is also pushing features like new playback speed control for videos in chat, animated emojis and interactive reactions, translated bot descriptions, and improved folder support on iOS.

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