Telangana: YS Sharmila dares KCR for an open debate on irrigation projects


Hyderabad: In a scathing attack on the BRS-led Telangana government for its ‘gross failure’ to complete irrigation projects on time, YS Sharmila dared him to come on a public debate and discuss the 30 pending projects that have been receiving ‘ill-treatment’ by his government.

“After all his tall talk and fake oaths to complete all irrigation projects in Telangana on time, the KCR government has utterly failed the farming community by not completing any project. Having spent Rs 1.2 lakh crores on Kaleshwaram Project after redesigning and renaming Pranahita Chevella, all for the sake of commissions, only 57000 acres of land received irrigation. Barring this, no other project was accomplished in these nine years,” she stated.

Sharmila further said, “During late YSR’s rule, 33 projects were launched and fast-tracked too, and by 2016-17, the projects were in a decisive stage of advancement, running towards completion. Alisagar and Gaddenna Suddavagu were completed by 2017. After YSR’s demise in 2009, and until 2014, the pending projects’ fate continued to hang in a balance, and they still don’t see the light of the day, thanks to KCR’s apathy and his government’s anarchy.”

Sharmila alleged that the chief minister is reluctant to complete the remaining 10% works of the Jalayagnam projects.

“Just Rs 85 crore was all that was enough to complete 16 pending projects and give water to 35 lakh acre,” she claimed.

“On top of it, his statements make a joke of his government where he promises to irrigate one crore acres. I dare the father and son (KTR) to come on a public debate and I will show with proof, how and where the works are stuck. It is for votes that they are misleading people on these projects,” added Sharmila.

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