Telangana: Revanth vows cylinder for Rs 500 once in power


Telangana Congress chief made a bold announcement that, if the Congress wins the election, gas cylinders will be made available to the state’s poor for just Rs 500.

He paid a visit to Manuguru on Monday as a part of the Haath Se Haath Jodo Yatra. In addition, he added, the party would provide each family who was financially struggling Rs 5 lakh to build a house. While promising to distribute pattas (land deeds) for podu lands if Congress takes office, he asked tribal farmers to vote for them.

He stated that all communities in the state are served by Congress, which is committed to doing so.

Revanth charged that K Chandrasekhar Rao, the chief minister, defrauded the Godavari flood victims by making fictitious pledges to construct homes for them. He met the flood victims on his tour and offered his support.

Revanth travelled on foot from Gollagudem in Ashwapuram Mandal to the Ambedkar Center on the seventh day of the walkathon. Later, he spoke at a public gathering in the Manuguru Mandal-controlled village of Gollapalli.

The TPCC president appealed to the people dissatisfied with the current administration to take into account Congress’ history of helping the people, accusing the Bharat Rashtra Samithi-led state government of defrauding all segments of society during the last eight years.

Revanth made fun of the chief minister’s remarks during recent Assembly sessions. He asserted that Rao had lauded Manmohan Singh’s administration because he was courting Congress out of fear of the party’s influence in the state.

After Telangana was announced, he referred to KCR as a ‘great cheat’ and questioned how he had deserted Congress. He chastised the chief minister for his contradictory political beliefs and behaviour.

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