Telangana man writes to Collector over lack of Kingfisher beer in shops


Hyderabad: With great sense of purpose, a Jagtial resident wrote to his district collector highlighting the lack of Kingfisher in the district. Not quite the bird, but the brand of beer.

Beeram Rajesh wrote a letter to the Jagtial District Collector on Monday highlighting the lack of ‘KF’ beers in wine shops.

“In the process of obtaining permissions they state that all kinds of liquor will be made available through their wine shop. However, after receiving the permissions, wine shops owners are selling only low quality beers,” said Rajesh in the letter.

He explained his concern for other alcoholic’s health, who are seemingly being forced to drink low quality alcohol as the wine shops don’t have ‘KF’ beer available and the income that the state government is losing out.

He also reasoned that many accidents take place when people, desperate to have the alcohol of their choice, are forced to travel to far away places to buy it.

He said the alcoholics who have no other option but to drink the low quality beer being offered in the wine shops face a risk of ‘Uric Acid’.

“Since the wine shops only have low quality alcohol available, people who consume alcohol are having to travel 20 to 30 kilometers to get alcohol. In this process, many accidents are taking place,” said Rajesh in the letter.

He alleged that belt shops have the KF brand beer available but it is priced very high at 200 to 300 rupees. He explained that the only way to get the alcohol of his choice is to buy the overly priced beer from the belt shops or travel to places far away.

He also expressed his concerns over the genuineness of the KF beers being sold at the belt shops.

“How are the belt shops getting ahold of KF beers that elude the wine shops and bars? Are they selling real beer or is it artificially manufactured?”

“When it is the government that gives permission to the wine shops, what rights do the wine shop owners have to sell only the alcohol of their choice?” he said.

He questioned the alleged silence of government officials who are standing by and watching the government’s income take a hit.

“When the officials who are stringent about the fact that only people with Government’s permissions should sell alcohol, why are they mum when the state government’s income is taking a hit?” asked an evidently upset Rajesh.

He said that the officials in the collector’s office responded positively to his complaint.

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