Telangana govt to celebrate World Heritage Day at Ramappa temple


Hyderabad: The Telangana government will celebrate World Heritage Day at the Ramappa temple in Hanamkonda on Tuesday. It is also the state’s first UNESCO world heritage site, which is part of the state’s Kakatiya-period heritage. 

The state government and the Mulugu district administration will organise day-long events around the main theme of Shilpam (sculpture), Varnam (colour), Krishnam (black) commemorating the temple’s rich architecture sculpted on black granite. 

The temple features intricate carvings on the walls, pillars, and ceilings, depicting stories from Hindu mythology, dancing figures, and various other motifs. It is lauded as the finest example of the Kakatiya architectural style. 

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A food festival will be organised near Ramappa Lake in the morning where food vendors, artisans, and micro enterprises from the state will display and sell their offerings. 

Music director SS Thaman, legendary percussionist Sivamani, singer Karthik, flutist Naveen, and Aarabhi Institute of Performing Arts, among others, will showcase their musical finesse. 

A group of 150+ dancers from Sravya Manasa’s dance ensemble will present an enthralling amalgamation of Indian dance forms depicting ‘Unity in Diversity’. 

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Surya N. Rao will grace the occasion with a ‘RAvana’ act dedicated to Lord Shiva, and Ustad Perini which will be followed by a spectacular Perini dance recital by Rajkumar and troupe. 

The Balagam movie team will be felicitated, following which author and dance director Vijaya Jyothi’s book ‘Ramappa Alayam Natya Shastram’ will be launched. 

The event has been conceptualised and managed by Guru Productions, presented by The Vasavi Group, in association with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Ramappa temple located in Palampet of Mulugu district was designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 2021, making it 39th in India to receive this global recognition.

The international day for monuments and sites, known as World Heritage Day is celebrated on April 18th every year.

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