Telangana government spent Rs 2626 crores in 9 years under ESS


Hyderabad: Rs 2626 crores were spent in nine years for various programs under the Economic Support Scheme (ESS) stated the Socio-Economic Survey report released by the Telangana Government.

For the fiscal year 2023-2024, Telangana state government allocated Rs 100 crores under the ESS for Schedule Castes (SCs) and Rs 323.45 crores for Schedule Tribes (STs).

ESS program was designed to financial upliftment of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other weaker sections.

1,62,444 beneficiaries from Scheduled Castes (SC) have received a total subsidy of 2,029 crores from 2014 to Jan 2023 in Industries, Services, Business and Transport sectors.

Subsides worth Rs 460.39 crores were provided from 2014 to Jan 2023, to beneficiaries under BC Corporation, Most Backward Classes and 11 BC Federations.

Rs 135.87 crores were invested in livelihood sectors spanning 20,888 Schedule Tribe beneficiaries through the chief minister’s Girivikasam, Rural Transportation, Tribal Artist, MSMEs, ST skill training and other schemes.

Skill development programs were conducted by the Scheduled Castes Cooperative Development Corporation Limited to train 17,240 candidates. Rs 104.62 crores were used to train SC youth who then got placements in reputed companies.

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