Telangana government sanctions 2,676 sheds to street vendors under Pattana Pragati


Hyderabad: The state government has identified 618 vending zones and sanctioned 2,676 sheds to street vendors under the Pattana Pragati welfare scheme.

According to a survey conducted by the state, 4.24 percent of the urban population, that is, 6,22,476 people were found to be street vendors.

The sheds are set to create facility centers for local consumers and street vendors which will also ease the flow of traffic. The works for 1,294 sheds have been completed and another 1,382 are in progress, said a press note on Monday

Out of a total interest subsidy of Rs 66.56 crores being provided across the country the vendors across the state received about Rs 9.26 crores and out of the total Rs 23 crore cash incentives being given across the country, Telangana street vendors received Rs 4.56 crores.

Telangana has stood first in granting the first installment to the vendors, with Rs 10,000 distributed per person. The state has disbursed Rs 351.46 crores of a loan amount to 3,51,467 street vendors where as the target was to reach 3,40,000 street vendors.

Government sanctioned Rs 242.62 crore, Rs 20,000 per vendor to 1,21,672 street vendors in the distribution of its second installment of loans. Telangana provided loans to 2,214 people in the third installment, Rs 50,000 per vendor.

A total of 18,02,284 women registered as members in 1,77,503 Self Help Groups (SHG) in 143 municipalities including the Cantonment area.

A total of 26,016 urban SHGs are provided a bank linkage of Rs 2,083 crores, which exceeded the target of Rs 1,745 crores for the year 2022-23. Bank linkage of Rs 2,429 crores was provided to 33,324 SHGs where as the target was set at Rs 1,507 crores for 2021-2022.

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