Telangana DGP content with community policing of field-level officers


Hyderabad: Telangana Director General of Police Anjani Kumar had urged all the field level officers that they should visit important villages, and sensitive areas, apart from visiting the police stations in their jurisdictions as the village visit is an integral part of any policing setup.

“Falling under the umbrella of community policing, it helps a great deal in empowering police towards the safety and security of society. While on one hand, it gives an opportunity to the police officers to go to the public directly and to try to solve their problems, it also provides a platform to the people who, for various reasons, could not approach the police to express their grievances and avail the remedies,” he said.

The DPG called the response of the unit officers ‘outstanding’. He appreciated the enthusiasm expressed by the various unit officers from Multi-zones I & II. In the month of February 2023. “As many as 137 police stations and 45 villages were visited by various SsP/CsP in Telangana and the issues were resolved. Apart from this, other officers of the respective police units also laid great focus on village visits,” a press note informed.

“Similarly, first-hand information and first-hand experience of important and sensitive villages also give a complete and clear picture of the area where officers have posted. This develops well confidence and the DGP intends to have a video conference with those officers while they are in the village visiting to motivate and excite and bring everyone close to each other,”it further said.

Telangana Police said that the exercise works a great deal in building a strong bond between the police and the public.

“And with this mutual trust, the ethos of a secure and safe society is further strengthened. In the coming times too, Telangana police will continue to work with the same zeal towards fulfilling the government agenda of a peaceful Telangana state,” it stated.

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