Several celebrities refuse to pay Musk $8 for Twitter Blue


New Delhi: Twitter launched its verification system in 2009 to protect celebrities from impersonation but now, Elon Musk wants everyone to pay for the Blue badge, and the move has not gone well with several celebrities on the platform.

Musk now wants everyone to pay $8 a month (Rs 900 in India a month) for verified Blue check marks, and all legacy Blue badges are set to go away any moment.

The White House and The New York Times have already refused to pay for verified Blue with subscription service.

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LeBron James, the highest-paid NBA player of all time and earning over $40 million per year, refused to pay Twitter.

“Welp guess my blue check mark will be gone soon cause if you know me I ain’t paying the 5,” he posted on the platform.

Actor William Shatner tweeted at Musk: “Now you’re telling me that I have to pay for something you gave me for free? What is this – the Columbia Records & Tapes Club?”

Michael Thomas, a wide receiver for the NFL’s New Orleans Saints, posted: “Don’t nobody want that raggedy blue check no way anymore”.

Activist-lawyer Monica Lewinsky posted a set of screenshots showing several Twitter accounts impersonating her.

“Well this is going to be fun. In what universe is this fair to people who can suffer consequences for being impersonated? A lie travels halfway around the world before truth even gets out the door”, she posted.

Meanwhile, Musk-run Twitter has removed the Blue badge of The New York Times, barely a week after he announced a new policy for keeping verification badges.

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