Seema Haider – The Modern Helen of Troy By Justice Katju

It is an old custom in India ( and the world ) that a lady in love is carried away by her lover, ( usually with her consent ).

Many young women want some handsome young knight, preferably in shining armour riding a charger, to come to them and carry them away.
This is the way how Lord Krishna carried away Rukmini ( whom he later married ) on a chariot.

This happened to Helen of Troy, who though married, was carried away by her lover Paris ( which is what she wanted ), which triggered off the Trojan War, depicted by Homer.

It happened in England when Queen Guinevere was carried away by her lover, Sir Lancelot, Knight of King Arthur’s Round Table, though she was married to King Arthur.

It happened in Rajasthan when Princess Sanyogita, daughter of King Jaichand, was carried away by her lover Prithviraj, the enemy of Jaichand ( which is what she wanted ).

And now it has happened in the Indian subcontinent, when a married Pakistani woman with 4 children, Seema Haider, has run away with an Indian man, Sachin Meena, via Dubai and Nepal to India, where they are currently living in Noida with her children.

Discounting the allegations that Seema is a spy, and taking her words that she is genuinely in love with Sachin at their face value, these incidents prove the truth in Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib’s sher ( couplet ) :

” Ishq par zor nahi hai yeh woh aatish Ghalib
Ki lagaaye na lage, aur bujhaaye na bujhe ” :
” There is no coercion in love, it is that flame
Which cannot be forcibly lit, nor extinguished once lit ”.

I am reminded of a song I sang myself some time back in a wedding :

And this is one of my favourite songs

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