Residents of Chinpazpora in Bandipora Express Concern as Water Starts Inundating Residential Areas


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Bandipora, Jul 10 (GNS): In a worrying development, water from the Naz Nallah Channel of Walur lake has started entering residential areas in village Chinpazpora of Ajas in Bandipora district.

A local Parvaiz Ahmad told GNS that the main cause of concern for them is the dysfunctional state of the Zadwa gauge – a crucial gate controlling the water levels from Wular Lake.

 “Due to this malfunction, the water has started to seep into the residential areas of Chinpazpora village,” he said.

Worried villagers expressed apprehensions that if the gauge is not restored and closed promptly, the water may eventually submerge their homes in the coming days even as the link road is already partially submerged.

The residents expressed their disappointment over WUCMA’s failure to live up to its assurances’ of increasing the water holding capacity of Wular Lake. They claimed that a substantial amount of funds has been spent on this endeavor, but the situation on the ground tells a different story.

The villagers have appealed to the WUCMA authorities and the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Bandipora to urgently intervene and address the imminent issue to mitigate the threat posed by the surging water levels.

When contacted, Coordinator WUCMA Irfan Rasool said that he will look into the matter.

It remains to be seen how the authorities will tackle this situation and provide relief to the residents of Chinpazpora. (GNS)

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