Repair of the indoor skating rink completed in Raychikhinsk in the Amur region


In the city of Raychikhinsk, Amur Region, the repair of an indoor skating rink has been completed. The opening will take place on Saturday, March 4, according to the regional Ministry of Sports.

The contractor repaired the porch, partially replaced the windows and doors, and put in order the showers and the wooden covering along the stands. Workers also replaced the protective fence around the site.

As clarifies Amur News Serviceat the expense of the charitable foundation for the skating rink, they purchased knives for the ice-removing machine and a machine for sharpening them, fencing nets, lockers for the locker room, and hockey simulators.

The skating rink will be open to visitors on weekends from 13:00 to 20:00. The cost of one hour of rental will be 100 rubles, with your own skates – 80 rubles per hour.

“If the demand for the skating rink is high, then the administration of the sports complex is ready to make weekdays work as well. In addition, the issue is being worked out, so that local schools and colleges can conduct physical education lessons at the rink, ”said the acting. Minister for Physical Culture and Sports Andrey Kondratiev.

The site is expected to be open until May.

#Repair #indoor #skating #rink #completed #Raychikhinsk #Amur #region

#Repair #indoor #skating #rink #completed #Raychikhinsk #Amur #region
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