Reduced socialising during COVID main reason for suicide cases: IIT Madras Director


Chennai: Indian Institute of Technology Madras Director Kamakotti on Wednesday claimed that the reduced socialisation during the COVID pandemic is the main reason for the suicide incidents which were reported on the campus.

In view of the three suicide incidents since September last year reported on the campus, Kamakotti said that the institution is preparing ‘Complete Suicide Prevention’ inside the premises.

“We are trying to implement everything fast,” he said.

IIT Madras launched the report on ‘Socio-Economic Costs of Suicides in Tamil Nadu’ which was released by state Health Minister M Subramanian. This report speaks about suicides and reasons for suicides and socio cost of suicides in Tamil Nadu.

While speaking to the media, Health Minister M Subramanian said that Madras IIT has launched the report on ‘Socio-Economic Costs of Suicides in Tamil Nadu’.

“This Report also would help with the going steps taken by the Tamil Nadu government to control suicides and accidents,” he said.

While answering the question on recent suicides in Madras IIT campus Minister Subramanian said, ” IIT Madras Director Kamakotti has mentioned suicides. They are not hiding anything. After September, three suicides occurred in Madras IIT. The IIT Director has pointed out 4 reasons why suicides are taking place in educational institutions. We request everyone that suicide is not a solution for anything. In future, there should be no suicide”.

Kamakotti said that the institution has been impacted by the suicide incidents.

“IIT Madras has also been impacted because of suicides. It is painful. Since September, 3 suicides have happened inside the IIT Madras campus,” he said.

“When we analyse suicide incidents, 4 main reasons we have found for suicides. Health issues, academic pressure, financial issues and personal issues. In each case, any one of these issues would have been there” Kamakotti added.

He said that the administration has taken measures to curb the suicide incidents on campus.

“After each suicide, we analysed to take measures to curb suicide. Each suicide gave us a new angle on such incidents. Specifically, after COVID, the personal touch has reduced among students. Group activities were reduced during the COVID period typically during the lockdown 2020 – 2021. Students who joined that time after their schooling never met their seniors and classrooms and they were alone at that time. This is a big challenge for us,” he said.

Detailing the steps taken to stop the suicide incidents, Kamakotti said that the administration is planning to create complete suicide prevention on the campus.

“Now we have studied the whole problem and we are planning to create complete suicide prevention in Madras IIT. We are trying to implement everything fast. This would help coming batches to completely stops suicide. Faculties, Patents and student committees all should involve and stop this. For sure there is an end to this and very soon we will implement everything. Zero suicide nation is our goal,” he said.

“Socialising is reduced during COVID is the main reason for suicides,” he added.

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