Ramzan in Hyderabad: Explore these places for mouth-watering dishes!


Hyderabad: As the holy month of Ramzan almost comes to an end, all roads leading to the Old City will only get busier. One of the main attractions of the month undoubtedly is the food scene, that is an absolute gastronomical experience for anyone who loves to eat.

From ‘Pathar Ka Gosht’ to the famed Haleem, and not to mention desserts, Ramzan in Hyderabad is truly a foodie paradise. Moreover, over the last five years, other areas in the city like Toli Chowki have also become quite well known for different things. With less than a week to go before Eid however, beating the mad rush Ramzan rush will also be difficult post Iftar, especially for those who are going to explore for the first time.

Hence, for the uninitiated, here are some of the top places for good food this Ramzan, which Siasat.com has tried and tested. As a precaution to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams, using the metro as much as possible is a good idea to reach the Old City as well in Hyderabad. So here goes:

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Pathar Ka Gosht – Al Farooj Sonu Kabab/Deewan Hotel

Pathar Ka Gosht has surprisingly turned out to become one of the much sought after dishes in Ramzan here over the last five years or more. Both the places, situated in the Old City, offer two different varieties of the same dish. While Sonu Kabab only serves mutton and chicken, Deewan Hotel (Ghasmandi) offers the beef variant. Both are a must try.

Sonu Kabab also serves Marag (creamy mutton borth), which is equally good, but very heavy. One is advised to share this with one or perhaps two others if possible.

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Pathar ka Gosht being prepared. (Image: Zubair Lasania)

Haleem – Hotel Nayaab, Subhan Bakery et all

No Ramzan is complete without Haleem. While the number of places selling the dish are umpteen, every year the court of public opinion decides which are the best or the top five. Based on at least three dozen places sampled so far, Hotel Nayaab’s special haleem and Subhan Bakery have come out on top.

Subhan Bakery has in fact surprised everyone with its Haleem, which is a little milder, but is a absolute flavour bomb as well. Nayaab’s special Haleem on the other hand comes topped with boiled eggs and some chicken on the other hand. But it also tastes equally good.

photo 6190332876667598461 y
Haleem from Subhan Bakery. (Image: Siasat)

Kebabs and Desserts

For Sheekh Kebab and other items like Chicken Tikka (etc) there are tons of options in the city. Aside from Sonu Kababs and Deewan Hotel, which are both great (both places only have stalls in Ramzan), one can also try Shahran Kebabs at Moazzam Jahi market.

photo 6170276324288083545 y 1
A food stall in the Old City of Hyderabad. (Image: Zubair Lasania)

Aside from that, one can also explore the line of kebab stalls on the Toli Chowki main road, adjoining Shah Ghouse, and also opposite it close to Imperial Hotel.

For desserts, if you’re in the Old City of Hyderabad, then Nazeer fruit juice centre is the place to go. The mango malai and mulberry malai are without a doubt its two best sellers (one outlet is at Purani haveli, and another close to the Chowmahalla palace). And in case you are close to the Charminar, then Mathwale Doodh Ghar has summer special lassi (place will be crowded)

For those in the other side of town, Nice fruit juice centre at Toli Chowki and Secunderabad also has similar offerings of fruit and cream.

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