‘Quds Day’ marked across globe, Kashmir witnesses demonstrations


Amid persistent attacks on worshipping Palestinians at Al-Aqsa mosque by Israeli forces during the holy month of Ramzan, Muslims across the world marked ‘Youm-e-Quds’ on Friday.

People participated in a show of solidarity with the people of Palestine and against the brutal attacks on Muslims at Islam’s third holiest site, in East Jerusalem.

International Quds Day has been observed in Iran, Pakistan, Syria, and in Kashmir.

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Jammu and Kashmir

Thousands of people all around Kashmir participated in the massive march against attacks on Palestinians by Israel.

According to the local news agency Kashmir News Trust, rallies were organized by Tanzeem-ul-Makatib and ‘Jammu Kashmir Shia Association. Both Shia and Sunni Muslims joined the call.

The biggest rally was held in the Magam town of Budgam in which thousands of female protesters participated.

Locals told the news agency Kashmir News Trust that this rally was organized by ‘Tanzeem-ul-Makatib’ and ‘Jammu Kashmir Shia Association.

The biggest rally was held in central Kashmir’s Magam town of Budgam where thousands of women and kids participated.

Protesters carried banners and placards that read, “Palestine needs more hands to help them, to pray for them, pray for the children of Gaza.


Iran marked International Quds Day in various parts like Mashhad, Isfahan, Zahedan, and other major cities.

Ebrahim Raisi, the Iranian president took part in the Al-Quds Day procession in Tehran in solidarity with Palestine. While lauding the processions across the world, he termed the rallies as a symbol of Muslim unity. He extended his support for the cause of the ‘liberation of al-Quds’.

“The liberation of holy al-Quds is so near and the downfall of the Zionist regime will happen soon,” Raisi said.


Damascus also observed the day with a mass gathering in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, the flag of Palestine and Syria was raised on the day.


After offering the Friday prayer, people chanted slogans and set fire to a representation of Israel’s flag, marking al-Quds Day in Peshawar, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Karachi, Pakistan.

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan also expressed his solidarity with the Palestinians on this day.

“Today, Al Quds Day, we express solidarity with the Palestinian people against the violence & oppression by occupation Israeli forces,” Khan said.

International Quds Day is an annual event held on the (Juma tul vida) last Friday of the Holy month of Ramazan. The concept was initiated by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 to express solidarity with the Palestinian people and oppose Zionism as well as Israel’s control of Jerusalem and capture of Masjid Al-Aqsa by the Zionist regime.

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