Parliament Special Session: Bill to appoint poll officials dropped

In a surprising turn of events during a special session of Parliament, the contentious bill aimed at granting the government the power to appoint poll officials has been withdrawn. This decision followed heated debates and widespread public outcry over the potential threat to the integrity of the electoral process.

The bill, which had been proposed by the ruling party, had faced significant opposition from the opposition parties, civil society groups, and concerned citizens since its introduction last month. Critics argued that the proposed legislation could undermine the independence of the election commission and open the door to electoral manipulation.

Prime Minister [Name], addressing the parliamentarians during the special session, announced the withdrawal of the bill. “In the spirit of preserving the transparency and fairness of our democratic process, we have decided to withdraw the bill to appoint poll officials,” the Prime Minister stated. “We understand the concerns of our fellow citizens, and we are committed to upholding the principles of democracy.”

Opposition leader [Name] praised the decision, saying, “This is a victory for the people of our nation and a testament to the strength of our democracy. We must always be vigilant in safeguarding the integrity of our elections.”

Civil society organizations, which had organized large-scale protests against the bill, also welcomed the withdrawal. Spokesperson for the Coalition for Electoral Integrity, [Spokesperson Name], declared, “Today’s decision is a clear reflection of the will of the people. It underscores the importance of public participation in shaping our democracy.”

Despite the withdrawal of the bill, the special session of Parliament continues to address other critical legislative matters, including economic reforms and public health initiatives.


  • Controversial bill to appoint poll officials withdrawn during Parliament special session.
  • Critics argued the bill could threaten the integrity of the electoral process.
  • Prime Minister announces the withdrawal, citing a commitment to democracy.
  • Opposition leader hails the decision as a victory for democracy.
  • Civil society organizations celebrate the decision as a reflection of public will.
  • Parliament continues to address other legislative matters during the special session

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