Pakistan Cricket Team warmly welcomed in India

I was very happy to note that the Pakistan cricket team got a rousing welcome from the Indian public on their arrival in Hyderabad, India to play in the World Cup.

The Pakistani media, which is largely anti Indian, and many Pakistanis, were pleasantly surprised at the hearty welcome given to the Pakistan team in India

Pakistani Captain Babar Azam was overwhelmed by the warm welcome he received, and he said he felt he was in Pakistan

He gave a statement that earlier he and his team were nervous about coming to India, but Indians won their hearts by the enthusiatic welcome they gave

This shows that despite all attempts by certain people to create enmity between India and Pakistan, the Indian public does not harbour any hostility towards Pakistanis, and have displayed maturity. After all, cricket is just a game, and is not war.

My own opinion is that India and Pakistan are one country, so we should cheer the Pakistani team if it wins any match as if India has won, and if they lose we should feel India has lost.

 In the India vs Pakistan matches, whichever team wins we should think that India has won, because Pakistan and India are really one 

Pakistan cricket team arrives in India

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