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Rules Changes From March 2023: The month of February is about to end. The month of March is about to start soon and many new rules will become effective from 1st March and some rules may affect your spending plan.

On March 1, social media, bank loans, LPG cylinders and others can be big. At the same time, the schedule of Indian Railways has also been changed. Let us know which new rules will be applicable in March and how they can affect your monthly expenses.

Bank loan can be expensive

The Reserve Bank of India has recently increased the repo rate. After which many banks have increased their MCLR rates. This will directly affect the loan and EMI. The burden of EMI and rising loan interest rates can trouble the common man.

LPG and CNG prices hiked

Gas prices for LPG, CNG and PNG are fixed at the beginning of every month. Although the price of LPG cylinder was not increased last time, but this time it is being speculated that there may be an increase in the prices due to the festival.

change in train schedule

Indian Railways can make some changes in the schedule of trains as soon as summer approaches. The list can be made public in March. According to media sources, from March 1, the schedule of 5,000 goods trains and thousands of passenger trains can be changed.

Bank holiday

Banks will remain closed for 12 days including Holi and Navratri in March. This also includes weekly bank holidays.

Changes to the Social Media Terms and Conditions

The Government of India has recently amended the IT rules. Now, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram will have to comply with the new Indian rules. The new policy will be effective for posts that incite religious sentiments. The new rule may come into force in March. Incorrect posts can also result in fines for users.

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