MP Nishikant Dubey seeks constitution of special committee to consider expulsion of Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi: BJP MP Nishikant Dubey on Wednesday demanded the constitution of a special parliamentary committee to inquire into Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s “contemptuous” remarks and consider if he should be expelled from the House to give a clear message so that “no one takes the pride and respect of high institutions for a ride”.

Dubey said he is seeking the formation of a special parliamentary committee similar to the one made in 2008 on the cash-for-votes scam during the UPA-I government.

In a letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker, Dubey said he is giving notice under Rule 223 of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha on the “contemptuous and unbecoming behaviour” of the member of Parliament over his remarks at Cambridge University.

The BJP MP claimed that Gandhi said that microphones are turned off in Parliament when members from the Opposition speak there. He also claimed that the Congress leader had said why the biggest advocates of democracy like the US and the UK are silent on the developments in India on this front.

“This conduct of the Member is required to be investigated thoroughly either by the Privileges Committee or by a special committee.

“Thereafter, House should consider whether such a member should be expelled from the House to protect the esteem of parliament and other democratic institutions and give a clear message that no one takes the pride and respect of high institutions for a ride in future,” Dubey said in the letter.

He alleged that statements made by Gandhi are virulent and “systematically anti-India campaign to malign and bring disrepute and contempt of Parliament” and a concerted effort to “run down and defame our democratic institutions.”

The BJP leader also said this conduct is unworthy of a member of Parliament and clearly an affront to the dignity of the House and other highest constitutional authorities.

A Parliamentary Committee looking into the 2008 ‘cash-for-vote’ scam probed allegations by three BJP MPs that they were offered money to back the Manmohan Singh government during the crucial trust vote that year.

The Committee was set up after these BJP members displayed wads of currency notes during the debate on the confidence motion in the Lok Sabha and alleged that attempts were made to bribe them in order to enlist their support.

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