Moeed Pirzada and Justice Katju

I saw this video of the eminent Pakistani journalist Moeed Pirzada a few hours back on Youtube

Moeed Pirzada

Moeed and I share our common support of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.
But in the video above I noticed a certain tone of despondency and low spirit in him, like a nervous nellie.

(1) Moeed laboured on the issue of denial of the same electoral symbol to PTI which it presently has, saying that it would mislead the public, resulting in significant loss of votes to PTI.
In this Moeed is totally wrong. The people of Pakistan, 80-90% of whom are solid supporters of Imran Khan ( as all opinion polls indicate ), are no fools, and in recent months their political awareness has increased exponentially. Within 24 hours of announcement of a new symbol everyone in Pakistan will know of it, and no one will be befooled.

(2) Moeed believes the delimitation of constituencies will be done in such a way ( by gerrymandering ) that it will cause significant losses to PTI in the elections.
Again, Moeed is totally mistaken.
All opinion polls indicate that 80-90% Pakistanis solidly support Imran Khan, as he is perceived to be honest, while the PDM leaders are regarded as highly corrupt ( as indeed established by the Panama Papers and other strong evidence ). This figure is increasing as time passes, since jailing Imran Khan has generated a wave of sympathy for him, and it will cross 90% shortly.
So however much gerrymandering is done, the results will be the same, and delaying the elections will only benefit Imran Khan .

(3) Moeed believes Imran Khan has faith, but lacks strategy or ‘tadbeer’.
What tadbeer is Moeed talking about ? Imran Khan is bravely leading the democratic forces in Pakistan against the fascist reign of terror unleashed by the Pakistan Establishment ( i.e. the army and the PDM ), and he continues to do so even from inside jail. The spirit of the man is unbroken even when confined in a dingy dirty cell.

What a man! – says Justice Katju

Sooner or later parliamentary elections will be held in Pakistan, and then Imran Khan will again become Prime Minister, as I have explained in these articles and video

U.S. Government’s attitude towards Imran Khan is bound to change

The future of Imran Khan

Moeed reminds me of the character Defarge in Charles Dickens’ famous novel ‘A Tale of Two Cities’.

In an early part of the novel, a conversation takes place between Defarge, a wine seller, who is also secretly a member of a revolutionary society working for destruction of the feudal monarchy and aristocracy in France, and his wife Madame Defarge.

Defarge is like Moeed, while Madame Defarge is like me.

Defarge is despondent and dispirited because he thinks that the revolution for which he has been working for several years may not come about in his lifetime.

To which Madame Defarge replied :
” What of that ? It will come. “
Defarge says ” But when will it come ? How much time does lightning take to strike the ground ? “
” How much time does it take to build that lightning ? ” replied Madame Defarge. ” An earthquake strikes suddenly, causing massive death and destruction. But how much time does it take to build that earthquake ?

You may not see the end. But you have contributed to it. Let that be your consolation, and be satisfied by it ”.

Those who get despondent and think that Imran Khan is finished should see this video, where I have said ” Sach aur haq kabhi nahi khatm ho sakta ”.

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