Manipur’s Tragic Plight: Urgent Appeal for Home Minister’s Intervention on Unidentified and Unclaimed Dead Bodies

Devastating aftermath of May 2023 violence leaves Manipur mourning and seeking dignity for the deceased.

Manipur, India: In the wake of the violent outbreak that struck Manipur on 3rd May 2023, the state is grappling with unimaginable devastation. With thousands left displaced and homes destroyed, the heart-wrenching loss of hundreds of lives has now given rise to a haunting problem – numerous decaying dead bodies lying unidentified and unclaimed in various mortuaries across the region. In a desperate plea for help, leaders and representatives have turned to Shri Amit Shah, the Hon’ble Home Minister, urging for immediate intervention to address this distressing situation.

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The ongoing violence has taken a heavy toll on the people of Manipur, leaving them shattered and mourning for their loved ones. The lack of adequate cold storage facilities in hospitals has added to the anguish, as grieving families find themselves unable to give their departed relatives a dignified resting place.

Annie Raja, General Secretary, and Nisha Siddhu, National Secretary, have jointly submitted an urgent appeal to Shri Amit Shah, seeking his prompt attention to the critical matters at hand.

The appeal calls for the immediate constitution of a Medical Board, to be led by an independent forensic expert from a reputed medical institute. The board’s crucial task would involve conducting post-mortems on all deceased individuals, including the unidentified bodies lying in the mortuaries. Time is of the essence, as any delay may lead to the loss or destruction of vital evidence.

Another pressing concern highlighted in the appeal is the need for adequate cold storage facilities in hospitals across Manipur. This will provide the deceased with a dignified resting place, allowing their grieving families to mourn and perform the last rites with the respect and solemnity they deserve.

One of the most heartrending issues faced by families in Manipur is the inability to identify and claim the bodies of missing and presumed dead individuals. The appeal requests the State to designate an officer who can be contacted to facilitate escorted visits for these families to the mortuaries. This process would aid in identification and enable the compassionate handover of the deceased bodies.

Additionally, the appeal urges for arrangements to be made to ensure the safe passage of the bereaved families to Manipur. This would enable them to claim the bodies of their loved ones swiftly and safely, allowing them the opportunity to perform the necessary last rites with dignity and respect.

The situation in Manipur has evoked deep concern among citizens and leaders alike, making the immediate attention of the Home Minister paramount. The plea for intervention has been met with hope that the government will swiftly address the pressing matters and extend a compassionate hand to the grieving families.

As the nation watches, the people of Manipur yearn for a resolution that will bring solace and closure to their sorrowful hearts. The appeal remains an urgent call for action, and it is anticipated that the Hon’ble Home Minister will respond promptly to provide much-needed relief and support to the affected communities.

Time is of the essence, and a compassionate response from the highest authority will undoubtedly offer some comfort to the grieving families who have endured immeasurable pain in these trying times.

Actual Letter is below :


Shri Amit Shah

Hon’ble Home Minister

Government of India

North Block, New Delhi – 110001

Urgent intervention on the several decaying dead bodies reported to be lying unidentified and unclaimed in sevemortuaries in Manipur

Hon’ble Home Minister,

The outbreak of violence in Manipur on 3 May 2023 has resulted in unimaginable devastation, leaving thousands displaced and homeless, hundreds dead and numerous decaying dead bodies lying unclaimed in several mortuaries across Manipur since first week of May 2023.

The relentless violence that has engulfed Manipur has caused immense suffering to the people of the state. Families have been torn apart, homes destroyed, and the loss of lives has left an indelible mark on the collective consciousness of the State. The lack of cold storage facilities in hospitals further exacerbates the anguish of grieving families who are unable to bury their loved ones to rest with dignity.

In light of this grievous situation, we appeal for your immediate intervention to address the following urgent matters:

  1. Constitution of a Medical Board: Immediate constitution of a Medical Board headed by an independent forensic expert from a reputed medical institute to conduct post- mortem on the dead including the unidentified dead bodies lying in the morgues before pieces of evidence are destroyed.
  2. Provision of Cold Storage Facilities: We urge you to allocate the necessary resources to ensure that hospitals in Manipur have access to adequate cold storage facilities. It is essential to provide a dignified resting place for the deceased, allowing their families to mourn and perform the last rites with the respect and solemnity they deserve.
  3. Designate an Officer for identification of dead bodies: Families of persons who are missing and feared dead are unable to reach the mortuaries. The State may designate an officer who can be contacted and who will facilitate visits by such families to mortuaries under escort/protection and enable the process of identification and handing over of dead bodies.
  4. Safe Passage for Families: Ensure safe passage of the families of the deceased to Manipur, enabling them to claim the bodies of their loved ones and perform the necessary and dignified last rites. It is of significant importance that the bereaved families have the opportunity to bid farewell to their loved ones swiftly and safely and arranged by the State.

Expecting a positive response

Thanking You

Annie Raja                                                                          Nisha Siddhu

General Secretary National Secretary

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