Man caught on CCTV throwing ‘black magic’ bundle inside Azam Khan’s house; arrested


Rampur: SP leader Azam Khan’s wife has lodged a police complaint against an unidentified man alleging that he threw a small bundle inside the main gate of her house containing random articles, including clothes, and expressed fear that it may be associated with “black magic”.

Police said they have arrested the man who is mentally challenged and also suspended four of its personnel — deployed outside Khan’s house — for dereliction of duty.

black magic bundle inside Azam Khan’s house

Superintendent of Police Ashok Kumar Shukla said, “A mentally challenged person was responsible for throwing a bundle inside the house of Azam Khan. He has been arrested and efforts are being made to send him to a mental institution.”

“Four police personnel deployed in the security at the house of Azam Khan were suspended for dereliction of duty,” added the SP.

According to the complaint filed by Tazeen Fatma, a former MP, the incident happened around 6 am on Thursday.

The man throwing the bundle inside was captured on CCTV installed outside the house but could not be recognised immediately.

Fatma wrote a letter to the Rampur superintendent of police reporting the incident and expressed fear that it could be a part of a big conspiracy.

In her letter, Fatma also wondered how could such a breach take place when the house is guarded round the clock by state police and other security personnel.

Additional Superintendent of Police Sansar Singh said they were informed late Thursday that a bundle, wrapped in black foil, had been thrown inside Khan’s residence and it contained some clothes, a cap, and a few other articles.

Khan has been an MP from Rampur parliamentary constituency and MLA from Rampur assembly constituency 10 times. His assembly membership ended after a local court sentenced him in a hate speech case.

He also has several criminal cases registered against him and was released from jail after getting bail last year.

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