Lucky resigns from “JB en ATV”: will he be with Chino Risas in the return of the traveling comics?


Comedian Lucky revealed that he left “JB on ATV” due to other projects. On social networks, users pointed out that his departure would have been due to a possible entry into the new program of traveling comedians.

lucky, one of the new jales of “JB en ATV”, announced his departure from the Jorge Benavides program. In a video broadcast on social networks, the comedian and friend of Chino Risas explained that his resignation is due to projects that he has scheduled for 2023. “I’m going to Europe“said the comedian. As is known, he entered the comedy space in 2022 and participated in some sketches alongside Danny Rosales and Dayanita. In the clip, he thanked his colleagues for the experience of working with him.

However, the statement aroused suspicion among his followers, as they stated that the real reason would have to do with the traveling comedians program for Latina, in which his partner will be.

#Lucky #resigns #ATV #Chino #Risas #return #traveling #comics

#Lucky #resigns #ATV #Chino #Risas #return #traveling #comics
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